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We Pay MORE,,, and we will Prove It!!!

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We Pay MORE,,, and we will prove it!!!

Superior Exchange is a company that strives for satisfaction from our customers, in addition to our superior customer service we hold an extremely high standard for our Gold Buying department. We want you to feel confident in the choices you make whether your selling your valuables, needing a Pawn or buying any of our unique pieces. We always pay the most for Gold!

Top Dollar Every Time!

Superior Exchange is a high paying Gold Buyer in New Haven,Connecticut. We price your gold and other fine jewelry at the highest possible daily price, so that you will get the most for your valuables. If you are looking to buy, sell or need a Pawn on gold then you definitely want to come see us. There is a reason we have been in business for over 25 years!  We are professionals and have GIA Alumni on staff. Our Store is equipped with well trained, accurate professionals whom consistently pay more than other pawn shops, jewelers, gold buyers & gold by mail companies.   We can back this statement and love to prove it every chance we get. We were even shown on NBC Connecticut TroubleShooters segment as the highest paying gold buyer in the state and that is a fact!!  Come see us Today!


At Superior Exchange we depend on accuracy to determine the true value of any piece. Determining an accurate value is crucial and will ensure you the most for your valuables. Many gold and jewelry buyers are not trained professionals and do not use accurate testing methods during evaluation.


Rest assured you will always get an accurate evaluation and top dollar when you visit us. We always pay more no matter what!


Why we Stand out!

At Superior Exchange our pawnbrokers are highly trained professionals who perform true testing and concentrate more on finding the valued items a new home versus only concentrating on the melt value. You see, we need a constant flow of merchandise to keep our new and returning customers intrigued. This is a major reason why we choose to pay you more. Another key aspect of gold and jewelry buying is the trust between the customer and the business. We feel it is extremely important for you to trust the gold buyer you do business with as many of our valuables are dear to us. We want you to feel secure in the fact that you are receiving Top Dollar for your valuables at all times as well as having a sound mind should you decide to acquire a Pawn. Professionalism is one of the foundations of our company and we would love a chance to prove this to you. Feel free to visit us today as you do not need an appointment. However you are more than welcome to call and set one up.

Helpful Advice

Many people are wisely getting multiple estimates on there gold jewelry and precious metals, which is exactly what you want to do. There are 2 main reasons why you should do this. With the increase of gold and precious metals every small business in America seems to be buying gold and precious metals. However, if your jewelry is not tested accurately or with correct methods you will not get true value or top dollar. Some establishments feed off of this and take advantage of people. Correct testing methods are crucial as you need to know exactly what you have in order to value it. The other main reason to get multiple estimates is that you may have an item that is worth far more than its melt value. We have multiple cases where people have walked in thinking they were going to get $50 to a $100 and they ended up walking out with $600 to $800 and more. This is why a trusted, well trained company should evaluate your gold jewelry and other fine valuables. Becoming educated on your valuables as well as certain testing methods will ensure the highest payout, not to mention a sound mind.


A Step Further

Superior Exchange goes far beyond your traditional methods of testing as we educate our pawnbrokers in the art and science of all precious metals. This has played a key role in the success we’ve had as a respectable and high paying business. With our proper education, in-depth training and accurate tools we can evaluate and price pieces that range from $10 to $100,000 from your old jewelry to estate sales. Give us a shot and we will prove to you why we are the best in the business.

More Helpful Tips

If you have many pieces you’re looking to get a Pawn on or sell, try separating them into categories. Here is an interesting guide of the different amounts of gold in jewelry pieces. Gold value graphs shown throughout the Gold industry state how much gold is worth on the market at 100%. The percentages to the right, on the graph below, show how much each karat weight is actually gold. This is due to the fact that gold, in its truest form, is far too brittle to be molded into much of anything.

  • 24 kt Gold Jewelry > 99.99% gold
  • 22 kt Gold Jewelry > is 91.7% gold
  • 18 kt Gold Jewelry > is 75% gold
  • 14 kt Gold Jewelry > is 58.3% gold
  • 12 kt Gold Jewelry > is 50% gold
  • 10 kt Gold Jewelry > is 41.7% gold

Interesting: The 4 most common metals used in the hardening of gold are silver, palladium, copper, and zinc. These types of metals are not only used to harden gold but to alter the color as well. The combinations of these other precious metals are what make up the missing percentage.