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Coin Buyers or just get a Pawn!

The coin industry is exciting and unknown to many. Did you know that most all quarters and dimes dated before 1965 are made of silver. With silver prices so high you may have a quarter worth 5 or 6 bucks or ten times that with a certain date or marking on it. Most of our customers turn into “change checkers” because there is surprising value in much of the change flowing through the world today. When you visit us you will be greeted with superior customer service as well as knowledgeable pawnbrokers with a main goal of getting you the most cash for your items. In addition to a professional staff and private viewing rooms it is crucial to have the proper tools as well as resources to accurately evaluate each piece so that you are ensured a top dollar price. Come See Us Today!


An extra advantage

One aspect that sets us apart from other coin buyers is the fact that we Pawn it. Whether you have a few choice pieces or a collection of coins, you can simply acquire an instant Pawn and payment at Superior Exchange. We pay top dollar either way, buying or Pawning. Come see us at Superior Exchange Today.


Crucial Tip: 

We have had many customers clean and polish there coins themselves prior to seeing us. This is a mistake as it can ruin the natural luster and shine created throughout time. It can also significantly reduce the value of the coins. If you have coins that you want cleaned or polished it is best to send them to the Numismatic Conservation Service, however, most only will do this when kept for sentimental or public purposes.