Buy ~ Sell ~ Pawn


Deals on all Types of Tools

At Superior Exchange will buy, sell, or Pawn on all new and used tools in New Haven of established value. From hand tools, power tools, specialty tools, to trade tools, and landscaping tools we basically deal in every tool imaginable even industrial equipment. Most tools maintain value well, making them a great commodity for pawn shops, and second hand stores. Buying used tools can be as affordable as renting and can be a smart investment. Feel free to call ahead and speak to one of our friendly staff members at Superior Exchange.


Hand Tools

We have everything but the nuts and bolts. From hammers to saws, wrenches and ratchets, and full tool boxes to single items, we buy, sell and Pawn on all tools. Here at Superior Excahnge we strive to keep our used tool section well organized and presentable. If you need a tool that you don’t have and have a tool that you don’t need make Superior Exchange your one stop shop. We will give you the highest dollar amount possible on the used tool that you don’t need and help you to find a great deal on the one that you are looking for.


Landscaping Tools

The big construction boom here in the New Haven area made the town a hotspot for landscaping equipment. Superior Exchange deals in all types of used landscaping equipment. Superior Exchange buys, sells, and Pawns on all types of landscaping equipment from riding mowers to weed eaters and blowers, you name it, we buy, sell and Pawn it. Please make sure that all equipment is in good operating condition when looking to sell or Pawn on used equipment.

Power Tools

We at Superior Exchange will not buy, sell, or Pawn on any used junk or items that do not work.

We are very familiar with all brand names such as Makita, Milwaukee, Ridgid, Dewalt, 

Senco, Bosch, Hitachi, Leica and every other brand you can think of. We strongly believe in quality over quantity, but will always take a look at any tool. We also come across antique tools that you would never know are valuable so feel free to bring in any tool and we will evaluate its value.