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Top Dollar for your Valuables just got Easy!

Superior Exchange is a leader in the pawnbroker industry. With our superior customer service and knowledgeable staff, getting TOP DOLLAR for your valuables has never been easier. Rest assured, Superior Exchange will always give you the most amounts of dollar for your valuables. Superior Exchange Buy/Pawn and sells Jewelry, gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, electronics, musical instruments, ATV’s, tools, art, antiques, collectables, audio equipment and we also take Heavy equipment, Large machinery and pretty much anything else of value. We also purchase entire estates sales. We pay top dollar every time! COME SEE US TODAY! 


What do I need to Buy/pawn my valuables?

  1. Bring in your item of value to any location
  2. Bring in your valid ID
  3. Walk out with PAYMENT in minutes


What is a Pawn?

What is a pawn at Superior Exchange? Basically you bring in an item, we evaluate the item and determine the market value and we offer you a Pawn based on the value of the item. It’s that easy!    You can Extend your Pawn as many times as you want. You also have the option to sell the item outright. Some days are more hectic than others, especially when dealing with your money, so we do everything in our power to relate to our customers needs by buying/pawn on just about anything as well as providing superior customer service and the highest payouts in the industry on Gold/Silver/Platinum, Diamonds, Jewelry, Electronics, Art, Antiques and pretty much everything else. 
More and more people are turning to pawnbrokers for fast and easy Pawns. Our staff is there to help you and make sure your experience with us is comfortable and easier than if you were getting a Pawn somewhere else. One of our main goals, aside from paying top dollar, is to change the entire image many people have of pawn shops. We offer a professional and welcoming atmosphere at all times and our superior customer service is our main priority. You will always get top dollar for your valuables at New Haven Location. Come see us today if you are in immediate need of cash. We also have unbeatable deals on quality pre-owned merchandise.

How a Pawn Shop Works

Have you been thinking about visiting a pawn shop but feel unsure about exactly how pawn shops work? At Superior Exchange, we make it simple: We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the payments they need, just when they need the money the most. Our top priority is building a relationship with our customers, because we believe in doing business the right way! This is what makes us really stand out from the pack in Connecticut.
Although we do Pawns on merchandise and purchase all items of value, and we sell high quality items at great prices, we are not your typical pawn shop. Our highly experienced staff understands that many people may find the idea of a “pawn shop” rather intimidating — and there is absolutely no reason for customers to miss out on getting the money they need because they have a mistaken idea about pawn shops. Superior Exchange is the best in the area because we are your local pawn shop with a twist: We put customer service as the top priority here, and we make sure that each person who walks through our doors is treated with respect and understanding. We pay the most for your items and we treat our customers the way we want to be treated ourselves: At Superior Exchange we believe that respect is a great way to build a relationship!
The way that we work here at Superior Exchange is very simple. If you are in the market to buy items like gold jewelry, electronics like computers or big screen TVs, diamonds, jewelry, musical instruments, antiques, coins, watches, or just about any other valuable or collectible item, we are your best first source. You can visit us to browse a huge collection of top quality merchandise at prices that will undercut any of the big retailers out there by a huge margin. We acquire top quality merchandise, so that is exactly what we sell: Top quality items at rock bottom prices!
If you need to visit Superior Exchange to get fast payment,  When you get a Pawn on the item.  we will store your item in our storeroom. Your item will be safely stored until the Pawn is repaid plus the fees at which point it will be returned to you in the exact condition you brought it to us in.
If you need the maximum amount of money immediately,  Head to Superior Exchange and our staff is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in determining the value of virtually any items that we are presented with, so we can give you an offer immediately. We pay out more than anywhere else, and we are proud of the fact that we are not just a pawn shop: We take pride in being the best in Connecticut. Our representatives are the best in the Connecticut Pawn Shop business and we know you will enjoy dealing with us!