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All Electronics

Here at Superior Exchange we take pride in a staff that is clean, courteous, and highly trained in the estimation of value, operation and sales of all used electronics.  In today’s ever changing world of technology, educating our staff is key to leading our industry in the buying and selling of used electronics.  We buy or Pawn on all used electronics and never sell used electronics without the opportunity to try them in our store.  Our store is spacious and well organized with large displays of used electronics.  Stop in today and let one of our highly trained electronics experts help you with your buying, selling, or Pawning needs of new and used electronics today.


Since Electronics tend to hold their value very well, these are some of the most often pawned, sold, and purchased types of items in the Superior Exchange used electronics store in New Haven. Selling your Used Electronics in Connecticut is one of the fastest methods of obtaining some quick cash when that unexpected bill comes in or when you would like to have some extra cash for something new. It may be hard to believe but a lot of those electronics that you might hardly ever use anymore are worth some major cash to us here at Superior Exchange! We are the leading buyers of Used Electronics in New Haven Connecticut, and we vow to always give you the best deals on Electronics in New Haven — We stand head and shoulders above our competitors because the fact is that there really isn’t any competition. We have a staff full of workers who are trained experts in electronics of all kinds and who know how to properly and fairly evaluate nearly any electronic device that you bring in.




Superior Exchange has an abundant inventory of used televisions from small portable dvd players to large screen Plasma televisions. Our stores also have an excellent display of used dvds and games.
Ask our sales associate for special pricing when buying five or more.



We have a wide selection of video cameras, and equipment in our showroom, for the beginner all the way up to the pro. Most higher end video cameras, and equipment are sold at our online electronics Ebay store, simply because they are less sought after than family style video cameras. However; if there is something you might not see in the showroom simply ask and we can check our extensive inventory and possibly accomodate your needs. All cameras are thoroughly inspected and can range from  $100 to a few thousand.


Game Systems

We buy, sell, and Pawn on all gaming systems including X-box, Wii, and Playstation 3.  When bringing used electronics into one of our stores to sell or Pawn be sure to include any accessories and chargers for optimal pricing. If you have a question regarding an older system such as an Atari please contact us at Superior Exchange or stop in today.




Superior Exchange will buy, sell, and Pawn on all types of valuable audio equipment.  We have MP3 players, ipods, boomboxes, home stereo systems, surround sound systems, car stereo systems, and karaoke machines.


Cell Phones

Not quite due for an upgrade with your cell phone carrier?  No problem. We can buy your old phone and sell you what you are looking for.  If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for in one of our display cases, ask one of our friendly staff to check our inventory for you. Feel free to call Superior Exchange or visit to make sure we accept your particular brand.



Our large and clean display cases make it easy to display a large selection of camera equipment from digital to video.  All used electronic equipment is properly handled and tested by our staff to ensure it’s value.



Apple, Mac, and Dell, are some of the brands of computer equipment that we deal in.  We have I-pads, laptops and PCs  Please be sure that all of the equipment that you bring  to our stores is in good operable condition as we do check.  This allow us to give you the highest amount of dollars on your Pawn or sale.