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Antique Buyer or just get a Pawn on it!

Superior Exchange is a high paying, knowledgeable Antique Buyer throughout the Connecticut area. The world of Antiques is more of a science than anything else because of the wide range of items and the ever changing market. Accuracy is key to finding true value in any piece. When we say antique buyer we’re also referring to collectable and vintage buyer because there are many different views as to what antiques are these days. Technically, to be considered antique, it has to be a 100 or more years old, but society has many different ways of saying the same thing so you need to be highly knowledgeable as well as trained to give an accurate value on any piece. With this type of range it is truly necessary for a company to have a well rounded staff as well as the best resources in the industry so that we can ensure you a top dollar price. 

Antiques & Vintage items 

Call and set up an appointment, however you are welcome to stop by anytime. We buy, sell and Pawn on all types of antiques, collectibles and vintage pieces and also have many unique pieces for sale that range from $50 to tens of thousands. See you soon and thanks for visiting our website.